New anomalous trajectory in Regge theory

New anomalous trajectory in Regge theory

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New anomalous trajectory in Regge theory

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Kochelev, Nikolai; Min, Dong-Pil; Oh, Yongseok; Vento Torres, Vicente; Vinnikov, Andrey V.
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We show that a new Regge trajectory with \alpha_{f_1} (0) \approx 1 and slope \alpha_{f_1}'(0) \approx 0 explains the features of hadron-hadron scattering and photoproduction of the rho and phi mesons at large energy and momentum transfer. This trajectory with quantum numbers P = C = +1 and odd signature can be considered as a natural partner of the Pomeron which has even signature. The odd signature of the new exchange leads to contributions to the spin-dependent cross sections, which do not vanish at large energy. The links between the anomalous properties of this trajectory, the axial anomaly and the flavor singlet axial vector f_1 (1285) meson are discussed.

    Kochelev, Nikolai Min, Dong-Pil Oh, Yongseok Vento Torres, Vicente Vinnikov, Andrey V. 2000 New anomalous trajectory in Regge theory Physical Review D 61 9 094008

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