Dynamics of a map with a power-law tail

Dynamics of a map with a power-law tail

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Dynamics of a map with a power-law tail

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Botella Soler, Vicente; Oteo Araco, José Ángel; Ros Pallarés, José
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We analyze a one-dimensional piecewise continuous discrete model proposed originally in studies on population ecology. The map is composed of a linear part and a power-law decreasing piece, and has three parameters. The system presents both regular and chaotic behavior. We study numerically and, in part, analytically different bifurcation structures. Particularly interesting is the description of the abrupt transition order-to-chaos mediated by an attractor made of an infinite number of limit cycles with only a finite number of different periods. It is shown that the power-law piece in the map is at the origin of this type of bifurcation. The system exhibits interior crises and crisis-induced intermittency.

    Botella Soler, Vicente Oteo Araco, José Ángel Ros Pallarés, José 2009 Dynamics of a map with a power-law tail Journal Of Physics a-Mathematical And Theoretical 42 38 385101

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