Minimal flavour seesaw models

Minimal flavour seesaw models

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Minimal flavour seesaw models

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Gavela, María Belén; Hambye, Thomas; Hernández Díaz, Daniel; Hernández Gamazo, Pilar
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We explore realizations of minimal flavour violation (MFV) for the lepton sector. We find that it can be realized within those seesaw models where a separation of the lepton number and lepton flavour violating scales can be achieved, such as type II and inverse seesaw models. We present in particular a simple implementation of the MFV hypothesis which differs in nature from those previously discussed. It allows to reconstruct the flavour structure of the model from the values of the light neutrino masses and mixing parameters, even in the presence of CP-violating phases. Experimentally reachable predictions for rare processes such as mu --> e gamma are given.

    Gavela, María Belén Hambye, Thomas Hernández Díaz, Daniel Hernández Gamazo, Pilar 2009 Minimal flavour seesaw models Journal of High Energy Physics 2009 9 038

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