On dynamical gluon mass generation

On dynamical gluon mass generation

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On dynamical gluon mass generation

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Aguilar, Arlene Cristina; Papavassiliou, Joannis
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The effective gluon propagator constructed with the pinch technique is governed by a Schwinger- Dyson equation with special structure and gauge properties, that can be deduced from the correspondence with the background field method. Most importantly the non-perturbative gluon self-energy is transverse order-by-order in the dressed loop expansion, and separately for gluonic and ghost contributions, a property which allows for a meanigfull truncation. A linearized version of the truncated Schwinger-Dyson equation is derived, using a vertex that satisfies the required Ward identity and contains massless poles. The resulting integral equation, subject to a properly regularized constraint, is solved numerically, and the main features of the solutions are briefly discussed.

    Aguilar, Arlene Cristina Papavassiliou, Joannis 2007 On dynamical gluon mass generation European Physical Journal A 31 4 742 745

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