Gauge-invariance and unstable particles

Gauge-invariance and unstable particles

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Gauge-invariance and unstable particles

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Papavassiliou, Joannis; Pilaftsis, Apostolos
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A gauge-independent approach to resonant transition amplitudes with nonconserved external currents is presented, which is implemented by the pinch technique. The analytic expressions derived with this method are U(1)em invariant, independent of the choice of the gauge-fixing parameter, and satisfy a number of required theoretical properties, including unitarity. Although special attention is paid to resonant scatterings involving the γWW and ZWW vertices in the minimal Standard Model, our approach can be extended to the top quark or other unstable particles appearing in renormalizable models of new physics.

    Papavassiliou, Joannis Pilaftsis, Apostolos 1995 Gauge-invariance and unstable particles Physical Review Letters 75 17 3060 3063

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