Strange tribaryons

Strange tribaryons

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Strange tribaryons

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González Marhuenda, Pedro; Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo; Garcilazo, Humberto; Fernández Caramés, Teresa
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We use two-body potentials derived from a constituent quark cluster model to analyze the bound-state problem of the ΣNN system. The observables of the two-body subsystems, NN and ΣN, are well reproduced. We do not find ΣNN bound states, but there are two attractive channels with a resonance close above the three-body threshold. These channels are the (I,J)=(1,1/2) and (0,1/2), their quantum numbers, widths and energy ordering consistent with the recently measured strange tribaryons from the 4He(K−stopped,N) reactions in the KEK PS E471 experiment.

    González Marhuenda, Pedro Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo Garcilazo, Humberto Fernández Caramés, Teresa 2006 Strange tribaryons Physical Review C 73 3 034004

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