Mechanism of the Ne-22 (d, Li-6) O-18 reaction

Mechanism of the Ne-22 (d, Li-6) O-18 reaction

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Mechanism of the Ne-22 (d, Li-6) O-18 reaction

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Oelert, W.; Pálla, G.; Rubio Barroso, Berta; Betigeri, M. G.; Mayer-Böricke, C.; Turek, P.; Fortune, H. T.
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As part of a systematic study, the (d,Li6) reaction has been measured at a bombarding energy of 80 MeV on Ne22. Angular distributions were obtained in an angular range of 8° to 35° (lab). In the framework of finite-range distorted-wave Born approximation calculations, alpha spectroscopic factors were extracted. The strong collectivity of the low-lying states suggests the necessity of employing a coupled reaction channels formalism in the analysis. Indeed spectroscopic information arising from one-channel distorted-wave Born approximation calculations reveals significant differences between experimental and theoretical results. Furthermore, the shapes of some experimental angular distributions are not fitted by the distorted-wave Born approximation method. Both give indications of an insufficiency of the simple one-channel calculations¿at least for strong collective states.

    Oelert, W. Pálla, G. Rubio Barroso, Berta Betigeri, M. G. Mayer-Böricke, C. Turek, P. Fortune, H. T. 1984 Mechanism of the Ne-22 (d, Li-6) O-18 reaction Physical Review C 30 5 1378 1385

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