Bottom quark mass and QCD duality

Bottom quark mass and QCD duality

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Bottom quark mass and QCD duality

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Bordes Villagrasa, José M.; Peñarrocha Gantes, José Antonio; Schilcher, K.
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The mass of the bottom quark is analyzed in the context of QCD finite energy sum rules. In contrast to the conventional approach, we use a large momentum expansion of the QCD correlator including terms to order alpha(S)(2)(m(b)(2)/q(2))(6) with the upsilon resonances from e(+)c(-) annihilation data as main input. A stable result m(b)(m(b)) = (4.19 +/- 0.05) GeV for the bottom quark mass is obtained. This result agrees with the independent calculations based on the inverse moment analysis.

    Bordes Villagrasa, José M. Peñarrocha Gantes, José Antonio Schilcher, K. 2003 Bottom quark mass and QCD duality Physics Letters B B562 1-2 81 86

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