Photo-transmutation of leptons

Photo-transmutation of leptons

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Photo-transmutation of leptons

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Bordes Villagrasa, José M.; Chan, Hong-Mo; Faridani, Jacqueline; Tsou, Sheung Tsun
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By phototransmutation of leptons we mean photon-lepton reactions of the following type: gammalalpha-->gammalbeta with lalpha!=lbeta, occurring as a consequence of the lepton mass matrix changing its orientation (rotating) under changing scales. In this paper, we first discuss these reactions in general terms, then proceed to the calculation of their cross sections in two specific schemes: one within the framework of the conventional standard model, the other being the so-called dualized standard model that we ourselves advocate. Although the cross section obtained is generally small, the calculation reveals certain special circumstances where these reactions may be accessible to experiment, for example, with virtual photons at CERN-LEP for gammae-->gammatau, and at BEPC for gammae-->gammamu.

    Bordes Villagrasa, José M. Chan, Hong-Mo Faridani, Jacqueline Tsou, Sheung Tsun 2001 Photo-transmutation of leptons Physical Review D 63 1 016009

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