Minds, causes, and mechanisms [Introducció]

Minds, causes, and mechanisms [Introducció]

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Minds, causes, and mechanisms [Introducció]

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Corbí, Josep E. Perfil; Prades, Josep L.
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This book questions the internal consistency of causal physicalism, and vindicates a novel approach to mental causation. Throught a series of original and detailed arguments, it is made clear that many difficulties in the physicalist picture derive from an implausible view about causality. An alternative approach is defended which shows how mental contents, as opposed to functional propierties, may be causally efficacious without having an implementing mechanism.

    Corbí, Josep E.; Prades, Josep L. (2000). Minds, Causes, and Mechanisms: a case against physicalism [Introduction]. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, XI-XV.
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