Isospin violation in epsilon'

Isospin violation in epsilon'

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Isospin violation in epsilon'

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Cirigliano, Vincenzo; Ecker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmut; Pich Zardoya, Antonio Perfil
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On the basis of a next-to-leading-order calculation in chiral perturbation theory, the first complete analysis of isospin breaking for direct CP violation in K-0-->2pi decays is performed. We find a destructive interference between three different sources of isospin violation in the CP violation parameter epsilon('). Within the uncertainties of large-N-c estimates for the low-energy constants, the isospin violating correction for epsilon(') is below 15%.

    Cirigliano, Vincenzo Ecker, Gerhard Neufeld, Helmut Pich Zardoya, Antonio 2003 Isospin violation in epsilon' Physical Review Letters 91 16 162001

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