Hadronic off-shell width of meson resonances

Hadronic off-shell width of meson resonances

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Hadronic off-shell width of meson resonances

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Gómez Dumm, Daniel; Pich Zardoya, Antonio Perfil; Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge
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Within the resonance chiral effective theory we study the dressed propagators of the spin-1 fields, which arise from a Dyson-Schwinger resummation perturbatively constructed from loop diagrams with absorptive contributions in the s channel. We apply the procedure to the vector pion form factor and elastic pi pi scattering to obtain the off-shell width of the rho(0) meson. We adopt a definition of the off-shell width of spin-1 meson resonances that satisfies the requirements of analyticity, unitarity, chiral symmetry, and asymptotic behavior ruled by QCD. To satisfy these constraints the resummation procedure cannot consist only of self-energy diagrams. Our width definition is shown to be independent of the formulation used to describe the spin-1 meson resonances.

    Gómez Dumm, Daniel Pich Zardoya, Antonio Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge 2000 Hadronic off-shell width of meson resonances Physical Review D 62 5 054014

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