Weak quasielastic production of hyperons

Weak quasielastic production of hyperons

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Weak quasielastic production of hyperons

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Singh, Shri Krishna; Vicente Vacas, Manuel José Perfil
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The quasielastic weak production of Lambda and Sigma hyperons from nucleons and nuclei induced by antineutrinos is studied in the energy region of some ongoing neutrino oscillation experiments in the intermediate energy region. The hyperon-nucleon transition form factors determined from neutrino-nucleon scattering and an analysis of high precision data on semileptonic decays of neutron and hyperons using SU(3) symmetry have been used. The nuclear effects due to Fermi motion and final state interaction effects due to hyperon-nucleon scattering have also been studied. The numerical results for differential and total cross sections have been presented.

    Singh, Shri Krishna Vicente Vacas, Manuel José 2006 Weak quasielastic production of hyperons Physical Review D 74 5 053009-1 053009-11

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