Are there three Xi (1950) states?

Are there three Xi (1950) states?

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Are there three Xi (1950) states?

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Pavón Valderrama, Manuel; Xie, J. J.; Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel
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Different experiments on hadron spectroscopy have long suspected the existence of several cascade states in the $1900-2000 {\rm MeV}$ region. They are usually labeled under the common name of $\Xi (1950)$. As we argue here, there are also theoretical reasons supporting the idea of several $\Xi (1950)$ resonances. In particular, we propose the existence of three $\Xi(1950)$ states: one of these states would be part of a spin-parity $(1/2)^{-}$ decuplet and the other two probably would belong to the $(5/2)^{+}$ and $(5/2)^{-}$ octets. We also identify which decay channels are the more appropriate for the detection of each of the previous states.

    Pavón Valderrama, Manuel Xie, J. J. Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel 2012 Are there three Xi (1950) states? Physical Review D 85 1 017502

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