Two pion decay of the Roper resonance

Two pion decay of the Roper resonance

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Two pion decay of the Roper resonance

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Hernández Gajate, Eliecer; Oset Báguena, Eulogio Perfil; Vicente Vacas, Manuel José Perfil
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We evaluate the two-pion decay of the Roper resonance in a model where explicit rescattering of the two final pions is accounted for by the use of unitarized chiral perturbation theory. Our model does not include an explicit epsilon or sigma scalar-isoscalar meson decay mode; instead it generates it dynamically by means of the pion rescattering. The two ways, explicit or dynamically generated, of introducing this decay channel have very different amplitudes. Nevertheless, through interference with the other terms of the model, we are able to reproduce the same phenomenology as models with explicit consideration of the epsilon meson.

    Hernández Gajate, Eliecer Oset Báguena, Eulogio Vicente Vacas, Manuel José 2002 Two pion decay of the Roper resonance Physical Review C 66 6 065201

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