The Isgur-Wise Function from the Lattice

The Isgur-Wise Function from the Lattice

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The Isgur-Wise Function from the Lattice

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Booth, Stephen P.; Bowler, Ken C.; Hazel, Nick; Henty, David S.; Hoeber, Henning; Kenway, Richard D.; Richards, D.G.; Shanahan, Hugh P.; Simone, J.N.; Simpson, Alan D.; Lellouch, Laurent; Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel; Sachrajda, Christopher T.; Wittig, Hartmut
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We calculate the Isgur-Wise function by measuring the elastic scattering amplitude of a D meson in the quenched approximation on a 243×48 lattice at β=6.2, using an O(a)-improved fermion action. Fitting the resulting chirally extrapolated Isgur-Wise function to Stech¿s relativistic-oscillator parametrization, we obtain a slope parameter ρ2=1.2+7-3. We then use this result, in conjunction with heavy-quark symmetry, to extract Vcb from the measured B¯→D*lν¯ differential decay width. We find ‖Vcb‖ √τB/1.48 ps =0.038+2+8-2-3, where the first error is due to experimental uncertainties, while the second is due to the uncertainty in our lattice determination of ρ2.

    Booth, Stephen P. Bowler, Ken C. Hazel, Nick Henty, David S. Hoeber, Henning Kenway, Richard D. Richards, D.G. Shanahan, Hugh P. Simone, J.N. Simpson, Alan D. Lellouch, Laurent Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel Sachrajda, Christopher T. Wittig, Hartmut 1994 The Isgur-Wise Function from the Lattice Physical Review Letters 72 4 462 465

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