Dirac neutrinos from flavor symmetry

Dirac neutrinos from flavor symmetry

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Dirac neutrinos from flavor symmetry

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Aranda Fernández, Alfredo; Bonilla Díaz, César Manuel; Morisi, S.; Peinado Rodríguez, Eduardo; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We present a model where Majorana neutrino mass terms are forbidden by the flavor symmetry group Delta(27). Neutrinos are Dirac fermions and their masses arise in the same way as those of the charged fermions, due to very small Yukawa couplings. The model fits current neutrino oscillation data and correlates the octant of the atmospheric angle theta(23) with the magnitude of the lightest neutrino mass, with maximal mixing excluded for any neutrino mass hierarchy.

    Aranda Fernández, Alfredo Bonilla Díaz, César Manuel Morisi, S. Peinado Rodríguez, Eduardo Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2014 Dirac neutrinos from flavor symmetry Physical Review D 89 3 033001

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