Dynamical study of QQ-(u)over-bar (d)over-bar mesons

Dynamical study of QQ-(u)over-bar (d)over-bar mesons

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Dynamical study of QQ-(u)over-bar (d)over-bar mesons

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Vijande Asenjo, Javier Perfil; Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo; Tsushima, Kazuo
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It has been recently conjectured by Selem and Wilczek [1] the existence of a ss-[ud] meson due to strong correlations between the two light antiquarks. We make a detailed study of this system within a dynamical quark model which has proven to be successful in reproducing the most important features of low-energy hadron phenomenology. Our results, obtained within a parameter-free calculation, show that the antidiquark component of the ssu d system indeed entails the stronger attraction, and drives its energy much lower than the N Xi threshold, but still above the (KK*-)-K-0 or (KK-)-K-*0 thresholds. We have also studied the ccu d and bbu d systems. Exotic mesons are only expected to exist in the limit of large mass for the two-quark subsystem, bbu d, since the calculated mass is below the (BB*-)-B-0 or (BB-)-B-*0 thresholds.

    Vijande Asenjo, Javier Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo Tsushima, Kazuo 2006 Dynamical study of QQ-(u)over-bar (d)over-bar mesons Physical Review D 74 5 054018-1 054018-4

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