Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis

Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis

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Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis

Show simple item record Davidson, Sacha González Felipe, Ricardo Serodio, Hugo Silva, Joao P. 2014-10-01T12:26:11Z 2014-10-01T12:26:11Z 2013
dc.description.abstract We study the cosmological evolution of asymmetries in the two-Higgs doublet extension of the Standard Model, prior to the electroweak phase transition. If Higgs flavour-exchanging interactions are sufficiently slow, then a relative asymmetry among the Higgs doublets corresponds to an effectively conserved quantum number. Since the magnitude of the Higgs couplings depends on the choice of basis in the :Higgs doublet space, we attempt to formulate basis-independent out-of-equilibrium conditions. We show that an initial asymmetry between the fliggs scalars, which could be generated by GP violation in the :Higgs sector, will be transformed into a baryon asymmetry by the sphalerons, without the need of B ¿ L violation. This novel mechanism of baryogenesis through (split) Higgsogenesis is exemplified with simple scenarios based on the out-of-equilibrium decay of heavy singlet scalar fields into the illiggs doublets.
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dc.relation.ispartof Journal of High Energy Physics, 2013, vol. 11, num. 11, p. 100-1-100-22
dc.rights.uri info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
dc.source Davidson, Sacha González Felipe, Ricardo Serodio, Hugo Silva, Joao P. 2013 Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis Journal of High Energy Physics 11 11 100-1 100-22
dc.subject Física
dc.title Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article 2014-10-01T12:26:12Z
dc.identifier.idgrec 097604

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