Higher-order coupled quintessence

Higher-order coupled quintessence

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Higher-order coupled quintessence

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López Honórez, Laura; Mena Requejo, Olga; Panotopoulos, Grigoris
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We study a coupled quintessence model in which the interaction with the dark-matter sector is a function of the quintessence potential. Such a coupling can arise from a field dependent mass term for the dark-matter field. The dynamical analysis of a standard quintessence potential coupled with the interaction explored here shows that the system possesses a late-time accelerated attractor. In light of these results, we perform a fit to the most recent Supernovae Ia, Cosmic Microwave Background, and Baryon Acoustic Oscillation data sets. Constraints arising from weak equivalence principle violation arguments are also discussed.

    López Honórez, Laura Mena Requejo, Olga Panotopoulos, Grigorios 2010 Higher-order coupled quintessence Physical Review D 82 12 123525

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