Nucleon and delta masses in QCD

Nucleon and delta masses in QCD

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Nucleon and delta masses in QCD

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Rafecas López, María Magdalena; Vento Torres, Vicente
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Using the positivity of the path integral measure of QCD and defining a structure for the quark propagator in a background field according to the fluxon scenario for confinement, we calculate and compare the correlators for nucleon and delta. From their shape we elucidate about the origin of their mass difference, which in our simplified scenario is due to the tensor structure in the propagator. This term arises due to a dynamical mechanism which is responsible simultaneously for confinement and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking. Finally we discuss, by comparing the calculated correlators with the Lehmann representation, the possibility that a strong CP and/or P violation occurs as a consequence of a specific mechanism for confinement.

    Rafecas López, María Magdalena 1992 Nucleon and delta masses in QCD. Physics Letters B 297 186 190

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