Discriminating neutrino see-saw models

Discriminating neutrino see-saw models

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Discriminating neutrino see-saw models

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Hirsch, Martin; King, Steve F.
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We consider how well current theories can predict neutrino mass and mixing parameters, and construct a statistical discriminator which allows us to compare different models to each other. As an example we consider see-saw models based on family symmetry, and single right-handed neutrino dominance, and compare them to each other and to the case of neutrino anarchy with random entries in the neutrino Yukawa and Majorana mass matt-ices. The predictions depend crucially on the range of the undetermined coefficients over which we scan, and we speculate on how future theories might lead to more precise predictions for the coefficients and hence for neutrino observables. Our results indicate how accurately neutrino masses and mixing angles need to be measured by future experiments in order to discriminate between current models.

    Hirsch, Martin King, Steve F. 2001 Discriminating neutrino see-saw models Physics Letters B 516 1-2 103 110

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