Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixing

Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixing

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Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixing

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Hirsch, Martin; Morisi, S.; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We model tribimaximal lepton mixing from first principles in a way that avoids the problem of the vacuum alignment characteristic of such models. This is achieved by using a softly broken A(4) symmetry realized with an isotriplet fermion, also triplet under A(4). No scalar A(4) triplet is introduced. This represents one possible realization of general schemes characterized by the minimal set of either three or five physical parameters. In the three parameter versions the neutrinoless double beta mass parameter m(ee) vanishes, while in the five parameter schemes the absolute scale of neutrino mass, although not predicted, is related to the two Majorana phases. The model realization we discuss is potentially testable at the LHC through the peculiar leptonic decay patterns of the fermionic and scalar triplets.

    Hirsch, Martin Morisi, S. Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2009 Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixing Physical Review D 79 1 016001

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