Neutrino Coannihilation on dark-matter relics?

Neutrino Coannihilation on dark-matter relics?

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Neutrino Coannihilation on dark-matter relics?

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Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Perfil; Mena Requejo, Olga; Quigg, Chris
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High-energy neutrinos may resonate with relic background neutralinos to form short-lived sneutrinos. In some circumstances, the decay chain that leads back to the lightest supersymmetric particle would yield few-GeV gamma rays or charged-particle signals. Although resonant coannihilation would occur at an appreciable rate in our galaxy, the signal in any foreseeable detector is unobservably small.

    Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Mena Requejo, Olga 2006 Neutrino Coannihilation on dark-matter relics ? Physical Review D 74 023006

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