Sterile neutrino models and nonminimal cosmologies

Sterile neutrino models and nonminimal cosmologies

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Sterile neutrino models and nonminimal cosmologies

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Giusarma, Elena; Archidiacono, Maria; de Putter, Roland; Melchiorri, Alessandro; Mena Requejo, Olga
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Cosmological measurements are affected by the energy density of massive neutrinos. We extend here a recent analysis of current cosmological data to nonminimal cosmologies. Several possible scenarios are examined: a constant w not equal -1 dark energy equation of state, a nonflat universe, a time-varying dark energy component and coupled dark matter-dark energy universes or modified gravity scenarios. When considering cosmological data only, (3 + 2) massive neutrino models with similar to 0.5 eV sterile species are allowed at 95% confidence level. This scenario has been shown to reconcile reactor, LSND and MiniBooNE positive signals with null results from other searches. Big bang nucleosynthesis bounds could compromise the viability of (3 + 2) models if the two sterile species are fully thermalized states at decoupling.

    Giusarma, Elena Archidiacono, Maria de Putter, Roland Melchiorri, Alessandro Mena Requejo, Olga 2012 Sterile neutrino models and nonminimal cosmologies Physical Review D 85 8 083522

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