Clandestine translations during Franco’s dictatorship: Poesia (1944-1945) and Ariel (1946-1951)

Clandestine translations during Franco’s dictatorship: Poesia (1944-1945) and Ariel (1946-1951)

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Clandestine translations during Franco’s dictatorship: Poesia (1944-1945) and Ariel (1946-1951)

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Bacardí Tomàs, Montserrat
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After the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco’s dictatorship banned Catalan translations for a decade. But in 1948, Carles Riba’s translation of the Odyssey and Josep Maria Sagarra’s translation of the Divine Comedy were published, albeit with severe restrictions. These restrictions remained virtually unchanged until 1962, when the regime began allowing the publication of Catalan translations without prior censorship. In the 1940s, when the repression was at its fiercest, two clandestine journals in Catalan, Poetry (1944-1945) and Ariel (1946-1951), regularly translated a portion of one of the classics of Western literature, and also published contemporary and avant-garde material as well as the most recent works to be published.Acabada la guerra civil, la dictadura de Francisco Franco va prohibir les traduccions al català durant una dècada, fins al 1948, en què van aparèixer l’Odissea de Carles Riba i la Divina Comèdia de Josep M. de Sagarra en condicions molt restrictives. Aquestes condicions es van mantenir pràcticament inalterables fins al 1962, quan va deixar de practicar-se la censura lingüística prèvia davant la demanda de publicar qualsevol traducció catalana. En la dècada dels quaranta, quan la persecució era més severa, van sortir a llum dues revistes clandestines en català, Poesia (1944-1945) i Ariel (1946- 1951), que van traduir regularment una selecció de l’obra dels noms canònics de la literatura occidental, sense negligir l’aportació de la contemporaneïtat, les avantguardes i les novetats més recents.This article is the English version of “Traduir sota la dictadura franquista, traduir clandestinament: Poesia (1944-1945) i Ariel (1946-1951)” by Montserrat Bacardí. It was not published on the print version of MonTI for reasons of space. The online version of MonTI does not suffer from these limitations, and this is our way of promoting plurilingualism.This article is part of the Contemporary Catalan Translation Study Group (GETCC) (2009, SGR 1294), which is recognised and funded by the University Management and Grants Agency of the Government of Catalonia, and part of the project “Translation in the Catalan Literary System; Exile, Gender and Ideology (1939-2000)”, with reference number FFI2010-19851-C02-01, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

    MonTI. Monografías de Traducción e Interpretación. 2013, 5: 1trans-11trans. doi:10.6035/MonTI.2013.5.9

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