(Re-)writing the margin: translation and gender in Galician literature

(Re-)writing the margin: translation and gender in Galician literature

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(Re-)writing the margin: translation and gender in Galician literature

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Buján Otero, Patricia; Nogueira Pereira, María Xesús; Shaw, Nick (translator)
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2011

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This paper focuses on the relationship between gender and translation in the Galician literary system given a corpus of translations of literary texts written by women and published on different platforms. The selection of the analyzed documents has been made taking into account their representation and significance both for feminism and literature. This is meant to give an overview of those most relevant trends and features.A partir de una selección de traducciones de textos literarios escritos por mujeres y publicadas en diferentes plataformas, estudiamos la relación entre género y traducción en el sistema literario gallego. La selección de documentos estudiados se ha realizado atendiendo a su representatividad y significación tanto para el feminismo como para la literatura. No se trata de un trabajo exhaustivo, sino panorámico, en el que pretendemos ofrecer una visión de aquellos fenómenos y tendencias que nos parecen más relevantes.This article is the English version of “La (re)escritura de los márgenes. Traducción y género en la literatura gallega” by Patricia Buján Otero & María Xesús Nogueira Pereira. It was not published on the print version of MonTI for reasons of space. The online version of MonTI does not suffer from these limitations, and this is our way of promoting plurilingualism.This study was undertaken as part of the research project Us and Them: Discourses on Foreignness by Irish and Galician Women Writers (1980-2007), financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (FFI2009-08475/FILO) and by the Autonomous Government of Galicia (INCITE 09-204-127-PR). The translation of this paper from Spanish into English was undertaken by Nick Shaw. Quotations are given in the original language with English translations immediately following in square brackets. Unless otherwise stated, these translations were done by Nick Shaw.

    BUJÁN OTERO, Patricia; NOGUEIRA PEREIRA, María Xesús. “(Re-)writing the margin: translation and gender in Galician literature”. MonTI. Monografías de Traducción e Interpretación. N. 3 (2011). ISSN 1889-4178, pp. 1trans-23trans

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