Computers and young workers' wages in europe

Computers and young workers' wages in europe

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Computers and young workers' wages in europe

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Contreras, Dulce; Sánchez, Rosario; Soria, Delfina
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In this work evidence was found that wage differentials are in favour of those workers who have a home computer. In order to achieve these results the frontier stochastic method and the Kernel filter for analising errors was used. The research is based on the data provided by the survey of the European Community Household Panel (ECHP). Taking this survey as a starting point, a data panel is built containing those individuals that have remained in the sample for seven consecutives years. The results demonstrate that with the execption of Denmark, workers in each analised country, i.e. Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have a wage premium measured by its closeness to the wage frontier and compared to workers with the same human capital but without the possession of a home computer.

    Contreras, Dulce Sánchez, Rosario Soria, Delfina 2013 Computers and young workers' wages in europe Journal of Technology Research IV 129 138

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