A View on the philosophy of music

A View on the philosophy of music

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A View on the philosophy of music

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Marrades Millet, Julián Perfil
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Philosophy of music is a second-level reflection on the nature of music and our experience of it. Music is a practice fraught with meaning and value in the lives of many people and occupies an important place in our artistic culture. However, it raises philosophical questions perhaps more difficult tan other artistic practices. This paper points out some problems related to the major topics that have been the focus of discussion in recent decades, that we can group into six main areas: methodological issues concerning research on the philosophy of music; issues relating to the ontology of music; topics concerning the aesthetics of music; issues regarding the semantics of music; topics regarding the nature of musical experience; and issues concerning on the value of music.

    Marrades Millet, Julián 2012 A View on the philosophy of music Teorema XXXI 3 15 24

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