Effective Boost and 'Point Form' Approach

Effective Boost and 'Point Form' Approach

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Effective Boost and 'Point Form' Approach

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Desplanques, B.; Theussl, L.; Noguera Puchol, Santiago Perfil
This document is a artículoDate2002

Este documento está disponible también en : http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.65.038202

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Triangle Feynman diagrams can be considered as describing form factors of states bound by a zero-range interaction. These form factors are calculated for scalar particles and compared to point-form and nonrelativistic results. By examining the expressions of the complete calculation in different frames, we obtain an effective boost transformation, which can be compared to the relativistic kinematical one underlying the present point-form calculations, as well as to the Galilean boost. The analytic expressions obtained in this simple model allow a qualitative check of certain results obtained in similar studies. In particular, a mismatch is pointed out between recent practical applications of the point-form approach and the one originally proposed by Dirac.

    Desplanques, B. Theussl, L. Noguera Puchol, Santiago 2002 Effective Boost and 'Point Form' Approach Physical Review C 65 3 038202-1 038202-4

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