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D'Auria, Riccardo; Ferrara, Sergio; Lledó Barrena, María Antonia Perfil; Varadarajan, V. S.
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We consider supersymmetry algebras in space-times with arbitrary signature and minimal number of spinor generators. The interrelation between super Poincar\'e and super conformal algebras is elucidated. Minimal super conformal algebras are seen to have as bosonic part a classical semimisimple algebra naturally associated to the spin group. This algebra, the Spin(s,t)-algebra, depends both on the dimension and on the signature of space time. We also consider maximal super conformal algebras, which are classified by the orthosymplectic algebras.

    D'Auria, R. Ferrara, S. Lledó Barrena, María Antonia Varadarajan, V.S. 2001 Spinor Algebras Journal of Geometry and Physics 40 2 101 128

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