Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Young people

Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Young people

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Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Young people

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Yannis, George; Evgenikos, Petros; Papantoniou, Panagiotis; Broughton, Jeremy; Brandstaetter, Christian; Candappa, Nimmi; Christoph, Michiel; van Duijvenvoorde, Kirsten; Vis, Martijn; Pace, Jean-François; Tormo, María Teresa Perfil; Sanmartín, Jaime Perfil; Haddak, Mohamed Mouloud; Pascal, Léa; Lefèvre, Marie; Amoros, Emmanuelle; Thomas, Pete; Kirk, Alan; Brown, Laurie
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    Yannis, G., Evgenikos, P., Papantoniou, P., Broughton, J., Brandstaetter, C., Candappa, N., Christoph, M., van Duijvenvoorde, K., Vis, Pace, J-F., Tormo, M., Sanmartín, J., Haddak, M., Pascal, L., Lefèvre, M., Amoros, E., Thomas, P., Kirk, A., Brown, L. (2012) Basic Fact Sheet "Young people", Deliverable D3.9 of the EC FP7 project DaCoTA.

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