La Fusta. Patrimoni cultural i biològic

La Fusta. Patrimoni cultural i biològic

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La Fusta. Patrimoni cultural i biològic

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Badal, Ernestina Perfil
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Wood: biological and cultural heritage. Anthracology is a branch of archaeobotany that came into being at the beginning of the 20th Century for the botanical identification of prehistoric wood and carbon. The goals are paleoecological, ethnological and methodological. The protocol followed for this analysis involves the observation of plant tissues under reflected-light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to identify the material botanically. In recent years, this kind of analysis is being applied to heritage objects and those in restoration; here we will give some examples: an historic object, the restoration of a monument and the reconstruction of a prehistoric landscape.

    Badal, Ernestina 2008 La Fusta. Patrimoni cultural i biològic Mètode - Revista de la Universitat de València 56 65 71

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