Does GRS 1915+105 exhibit "canonical" black-hole states?

Does GRS 1915+105 exhibit "canonical" black-hole states?

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Does GRS 1915+105 exhibit "canonical" black-hole states?

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Reig Torres, Pablo; Belloni, T.; van der Klis, M.
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We have analysed RXTE data of the superluminal source GRS 1915+105 in order to investigate if, despite its extreme variability, it also exhibits the canonical source states that characterise other black-hole candidates. The phenomenology of GRS 1915+105 has been described in terms of three states (named A, B and C) based on their hardness ratios and position in the colour-colour diagram. We have investigated the connection between these states and the canonical behaviour and found that the shape of the power spectral continuum and the values of the best-fit model parameters to the noise components in all three states indicate that the source shows properties similar to the canonical very high state.

    REIG TORRES, Pablo ; Belloni, T. ; van der Klis, M., 2003, Does GRS 1915+105 exhibit "canonical" black-hole states?, Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 412, no. 1, p. 229-233

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