Space-VLBI phase-reference mapping and astrometry

Space-VLBI phase-reference mapping and astrometry

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Space-VLBI phase-reference mapping and astrometry

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Guirado Puerta, Jose Carlos; Ros Ibarra, Eduardo Perfil; Jones, D.L.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Marcaide Osoro, Juan María; Pérez Torres, Miguel Ángel; Preston, R.A.
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We present 5 GHz space-VLBI observations of the quasar pair B1342+662/B 1342+663 that demonstrate the feasibility of phase-reference techniques using an antenna in space. The space-based data were taken by the satellite HALCA, of the space-VLBI mission VSOP. From residual (referenced) phases we derive an upper bound of 10 meters to the uncertainty of the spacecraft orbit reconstruction. An analysis of the phase-reference maps of the sources additionally suggests that the above mentioned uncertainty is likely not larger than 3 meters. With errors of this magnitude, HALCA is a useful tool for astrometric studies of close pairs of radio sources.

    GUIRADO PUERTA, Jose Carlos ; Ros, E. ; Jones, D.L. ; Lestrade, J.F. ; Marcaide Osoro, Juan María ; Pérez Torres, Miguel Ángel ; Preston, R.A., 2001, Space-VLBI phase-reference mapping and astrometry, Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 371, no. 2, p. 766-770

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