Oblate collectivity in the yrast structure of 194Pt

Oblate collectivity in the yrast structure of 194Pt

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Oblate collectivity in the yrast structure of 194Pt

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Jones, G.A.; Podolyák, Zs.; Schunck, N.; Walker, P. M.; De Angelis, G.; Zhang, Y. H.; Axiotis, M.; Bazzacco, D.; Bizzeti, P.G.; Brandolini, F.; Broda, R.; Bucurescu, D.; Farnea, E.; Gelletly, W.; Gadea Raga, Andrés; Ionescu Bujor, M.; Iordachescu, A.; Kröll, Th.; Langdown, S. D.; Lunardi, S.; Marginean, N.; Martínez Pérez, Trinitario; Medina, N. H.; Quintana, B.; Regan, P. H.; Rubio Barroso, Berta; Ur, Calin A.; Valiente Dobón, J. J.; Williams, S. J.
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A deep inelastic reaction using a 460 MeV 82Se beam incident upon a thick 192Os target was performed at the Legnaro National Laboratory, Italy. The resulting γ-decays were measured using the GASP array. Results for 194Pt extend the known level scheme of the yrast structure from spin I = (12 ħ) to (20 ħ). The irregularities in the sequence of the new transition energies and total Routhian surface calculations show a breakdown in collectivity with an yrast oblate shape remaining to high spin.

    JONES, G.A. ; Podolyák, Zs. ; Schunck, N. ; Walker, P.M. ; De Angelis, G. ; Zhang, Y.H. ; Axiotis, M. ; Bazzacco, D. ; Bizzeti, P.G. ; Brandolini, F. ; Broda, R. ; Bucurescu, D. ; Farnea, E. ; Gelletly, W. ; Gadea, A. ; Ionescu-Bujor, M. ; Iordachescu, A. ; Kröll, Th. ; Langdown, S.D. ; Lunardi, S. ; Marginean, N. ; Martinez, T. ; Medina, N.H. ; Quintana, B. ; Regan, P.H. ; Rubio Barroso, Berta ; Ur, C.A. ; Valiente-Dobón, J.J. ; Williams, S.J., 2005, Oblate collectivity in the yrast structure of 194Pt, Acta Physica Polonica B, vol. 36, no. 4, p. 1323-1328

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