Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 1987, vol. 22, no. 128

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    Actividad mitotica del cartilago articular del conejo sometido a inmovilizacion y descarga
    (1987) Gomar Sancho, Francisco; Gastaldi Orquin, E.; Iborra Bosch, J.
    The timidine H3 uptake in the mitosis index into the articular cartilage of the knee is studied in 7 growing rabits without weight bearing. The autoradiography shows that, after 48 hours of inmovilizatinn, the uptake of timidine H1 and the mitosis index is the same in the free knee. The actual role of the joint rnovements in the cartilaginous nourishment is discussed.
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    Estudio comparativo de la tecnica de artroplastia total de la articulacion trapezo metacarpiana frente a la artrodesis
    (1987) Barceló Alcañiz, M.; Monzonis, J.; Escribá Urios, I; López Casquero, C.
    The results of seven cases with total prosrhetic replacement of trapezo-metacarpal joint are compared with fourteen cases of arthrodesis of cargo metacarpal joint of the thumb. Indications and complications are analyzed.
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    Conoropatia rotuliana : tratamiento mediante la técnica emslie- trillat modificada
    (1987) Campos Rodenas, Simón; Rubio Fuentes, J.; Jover Carrillo, A.; Calderón Arnedo, A.
    Twenty-six eases of Patella ehondromalacia operated with Emslie- Trillat's teehnique to which a modifieation of the T T A elevation is associated using a graft taken from the tibia are presented. The results were satisfactory and the technique easy to perform.
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    Fibrodisplasia osificante progresiva : aportacion de un caso y resultado de tratamiento con difosfonatos
    (1987) Pino Ortiz, J. M. del; Gascó Gómez, J.; Laguia, M.
    A case of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive on a 13-year old girl is reported. The clinical deformities whlch made the diagnosis possible, are emphasized. The treatment with Diphosphonatus did not modify the calcic mass, but improved the respiratory functional tests.
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    Podograma : valor diagnostico y pronostico
    (1987) Pérez Delgado, L.; Murcia Mazón, Antonio
    The aothors report on podograme ( «foot print») in 109 children of 3 to 9 years of age taken from a school popolation of 489 children. They are divided into different groops of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 years of age. The aothors conclode that at the age of 4 there is a higher possibility for a pes planos ( «flatfoot») to appear, and at 5 years of age in the case of girls. Those children affected with pes cavos happen to be taller than they shoold actoally be. The pes planos' podogram di~appear at the age of 7. The pes cavos' podograme still remain. The pes planos' podograme in those onder the age of 7 shoold not mean a compolsory medica! treatment at all.
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    La boveda plantar
    (1987) Llanos Alcazar, Luis Fernando
    The foot vault is the most distinguished morphological feature of the human foot. It is formed by a complex visco-elastlc functional system made out of muscle, dermoaponeurotic and osteo-Iigament components. These will all gather in different joint units which will supply it with the essential stíffness, in order to support the mechanical demands. Its philogenetic evolution - in the same way as the architectural disposition brings us to the conclusion that, after all, a spareness of material takes place within a specialized designo
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    Cirugia de revisión en la lumbociatica
    (1987) Campuzano Soloaga, Alfonso
    The author presents eleven personal cases in which it has been necessary a revrsion surgery of the previous intervention for lumbar disk hernia, in order to have relapsed symptoms after the free assymptomatic interval. The common finding at surgery was a membrane flavectomy with or without a disk hernia.
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    La insercion distal del musculo semimembranoso
    (1987) Sanz Gómez, Tomás Ángel; Gómez Pellico, Luis; Quiles Galindo, Manuel
    The anatomy and function of the distal insertion of the semimembranous muscle in seventeen knees was deseribed in detail