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RyC Research Fellow in Fundamental Rights and EU integration. Academic Secretary of IMIENS (the Mixed Institute of Research formed by UNED and ISCIII). Academic Secretary of the Master in Legal Practice, Faculty of Law, UNED. Lecturer in Constitutional Law Constitutional Law Department, National Distance Education University, UNED. C/Obispo Trejo, 2 Email: My research interest is European Union (EU) integration process in relation to fundamental rights protection from a multilevel constitutionalism perspective. Therefore, my research line is focused on problems of fundamental rights protection linked to the EU integration process as for example fundamental rights and economic freedoms conflicts, constitutional fundamental rights protection as constitutional limits to EU law primacy. And finally European Court of Justice (ECJ), Constitutional and Supreme Courts and European Human Rights Court dialogue, particularly the relation and dialogue between ECJ and EU Member States Constitutional and Supreme Courts. I started my first works in this line thanks to Spanish Constitutional Court Fellowship, when I researched as Constitutional Doctrine Analyst about the protection of fundamental rights in the jurisprudence of Spanish Constitutional Court, and the protection of fundamental rights also in ECJ case law. After that I continued with the research in the EU integration process and fundamental rights protection. It is important to point out the development of my PhD Eur Thesis in Bologna University about “Il conflitto tra libertà del mercato interno comunitario e diritti fondamentali nel diritto dell’Unione europea: la posizione della Corte di Giustizia di Lussemburgo quale garante dei diritti fondamentali” (Conflict situations between economic freedoms and fundamental rights in EU Law: the position of European Court of Justice in Luxembourg as gurantoor of fundamental rights). I obtained the qualification of Eccelente cum laude per unanimità-“Suma Cum laude”. And I also won the Economic and Law Sciences Prize of the Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors, in 2011. I developed my research line at the European Studies Centre at King's College of London, the Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sul Diritto Europeo at Bologna University, Constitutional Law Department at Distance Education National University (UNED), and from September 2013 to Sept. 2014 at the Constitutional Law Department at the University of Valencia. After that I joined the Administrative and Procedural Law Department at the Univeristy of Valencia until December 2016 when I was awarded with a Ramón y Cajal Research Fellowship and I returned to the UNED. I have been invited as a lecturer in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the University of Granada, and as speaker in several international and national conferences, as for example the University of Manchester, the University of Leeds, the University of Bologna. I am a member of Innovation, Research, and Fundamental Rights Group (Innovación, Investigación y derechos fundamentales, IDEFU, leaded by Professor Yolanda Gómez Sánchez, Jean Monnet Chair, Constitutional Law Professor and Director of Constitutional Law Department-UNED. In 2012 I joined, as law expert, to European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Spanish National Focal Point, in FRANET network, which is required to collect public available official and unofficial data information linked to fundamental rights under the coordination of Professor Teresa Freixes, until 2014. The relevance of my work and my research line is supported by several awards and recognitions as for example (inter alia) International Award “Joaquín Ruiz Giménez” for the best work about Human Rights for a work about European Court of Justice in Luxembourg as gurantoor of fundamental rights (2nd edition, Gregorio Peces Barba Foundation, 2011) published as a El Tribunal de Justicia de Luxemburgo como garante de los derechos fundamentales, Dykinson, 2013; and the Pastor Delgado Hernández in Human Rights Award to my work about Constitutional limits to european integration published as a Los límites constitucionales a la integración europea, Comares, 2014. Finally, I am accredited Lecturer (Profesor Contratado Doctor) by ANECA.



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