Derecho inteligente || Smart Law

Derecho inteligente || Smart Law

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Derecho inteligente || Smart Law

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Martínez García, Jesús Ignacio
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2018

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Law is one of the most necessary and powerful types of intelligence. The future of humanity depends on it. We should connect legal thinking with the actual discussion on intelligence. This article presents an integrative approach that embraces both artificial, institutional and emotional intelligence. We need smart jurists, provided with new forms of thinking and trained to manage a law working increasingly as a net. Key concepts of legal rationality are components of intelligence. Smart societies depend on smart systems. Institutions appear as smart entities. Law modulates our mental world and our sensibility.

    Martínez García, Jesús Ignacio. Derecho inteligente || Smart Law. En: Cuadernos electrónicos de filosofía del derecho, 37 2018: 7-

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