Lesiones Agudas del Ligamento Cruzado Posterior

Lesiones Agudas del Ligamento Cruzado Posterior

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Lesiones Agudas del Ligamento Cruzado Posterior

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Jolín Sánchez del Campo, Tomás; Patiño Bravo, A.; Tintó, M.
This document is a artículo publicadoDate1989

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Twenty-nine cases of Acute Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) rupture were collected out of' 251 <..'tlses of Acute Capsule-Ligament knee injuries f'rom 1971 to 1983. The anatomy, function and blood supply are reviewed. Two mechanisms of injury are distinguished. The true significance of the posterior drawer-sign is discussed. Average follow-up was of 4,6 years (range 2-12). Excellent results werw obtained by surgical treatment in isolated lesions and good results in combined lesions.

    Jolín Sánchez del Campo, Tomás ; Patiño Bravo, A. ; Tintó, M.. Lesiones Agudas del Ligamento Cruzado Posterior. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 24 140 1989: 109-118
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