Taller de recitación en ELE con estudiantes vietnamitas

Taller de recitación en ELE con estudiantes vietnamitas

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Taller de recitación en ELE con estudiantes vietnamitas

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Saneleuterio, Elia; Prats, Juan
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2016

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We present a SFL workshop focused on reciting poems, whose key points are the introduction to Spanish literature and the habituation to Spanish diction and certain language structures. The training during the activities gives priority to oral comprehension and pronunciation, but also the acknowledgement of certain poetic resources and the ability to compose texts in own expressions in the target language. Analyzed the results of its implementation with Vietnamese students in 2014- 2015 (A1 level in Spanish), the main difficulties had to do with the great differences between Spanish and students? mother tongue. However, the activities kept students? attention and interest, and they achieved the objectives. Its analysis leads us to recommend some aspects that could be considered in future educational actions. Keywords: literary tradition, pronunciation, diction, poetic structure.

    Saneleuterio, Elia ; Prats, Juan. Taller de recitación en ELE con estudiantes vietnamitas. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 12 12 2016: 239-250
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