Folios, lápices? ¡acción!

Folios, lápices? ¡acción!

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Folios, lápices? ¡acción!

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Adame Gómez, Francisco; Córcoles Molina, Tomás; Jareño Albert, Desiré
Aquest document és un/a article publicat, creat/da en: 2015
Writing skill has a big role in our foreign languages lessons, but to what extent is its use significant? What are the teachers? aims when they propose the students a writing activity? A great example of this is the usual overuse of the «cinematographic review» gender. How many times will our students need to write a movie review to publish it in a newspaper? By asking ourselves how writing skill are taught in class and about the presence of these writing tasks in some guides of Spanish as foreign language, we finally propose a significant, cooperative and motivating activity for learning the «cinematographic review» gender. Key words: writing skill, cinema, movie review, cohesion, adequacy, register, style.

    Adame Gómez, Francisco ; Córcoles Molina, Tomás ; Jareño Albert, Desiré. Folios, lápices? ¡acción!. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 11 11 2015: 17-28
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