Las canciones mueven tus inteligencias

Las canciones mueven tus inteligencias

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Las canciones mueven tus inteligencias

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Cordeiro, Dayane Mónica
Aquest document és un/a article publicat, creat/da en: 2014
Music is one of the most exciting and effective resources to teach Spanish language since it answers the linguistic and communicative goals that we want to work in the classroom. The purpose of this practical experience was to take the teaching contributions of the theory of multiple intelligences to the field of didactics of teaching foreign languages to the classroom. The teaching unit Primavera Trompetera starts from the concept that fostering cognitive diversity proposed in the theory of Multiple Intelligences by the Psychologist Howard Gardner, using the song Primavera Trompetera by Los Delinquentes as a teaching resource may facilitate the teaching / learning of the Spanish language, working skills integrated to multiple intelligences.

    Cordeiro, Dayane Mónica. Las canciones mueven tus inteligencias. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 10 2014: 43-53
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