Secret neutrino interactions

Secret neutrino interactions

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Secret neutrino interactions

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Bilenky, Mikhail S.; Santamaria, Arcadi Perfil
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We review the information about a potentially strong non-standard four-neutrino interaction that can be obtained from available experimental data. By using LEP results and nucleosynthesis data we find that a contact four-fermion neutrino interaction that involve only left-handed neutrinos or both left-handed and right-handed neutrinos cannot be stronger than the standard weak interactions. A much stronger interaction involving only right-handed neutrinos is still allowed.

    Prepared for Neutrino Mixing: Meeting in Honor of Samoil Bilenky's 70th Birthday, Turin, Italy, 25-27 Mar 1999. Published in *Turin 1999, Neutrino mixing* 50-61,hep-ph/9905276

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