Brief aperçu de l'éducation inclusive en Europe

Brief aperçu de l'éducation inclusive en Europe

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Brief aperçu de l'éducation inclusive en Europe

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Senent Sánchez, Joan Maria Perfil
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The article presents a panorama of the situation of the inclusive education in Europe from the relation existing between the structures of the European education systems and the models of inclusive education developed by the various countries. We also analyse the development of the systems of integration and "specific centre" and how some nuances were introduced between the two forms of conceiving the inclusive education throughout the last twenty years. The analysis of the numbers of students diagnosed BEP (SpecialNeeds and Inclusive Education) and of those who study in specific centres in each of the countries is interesting to deduce that the criteria used in inclusive education in Europe are far from being homogeneous enough and that both big trends: integration and education in specific centre continue existing in Europe with a clear trend towards the inclusive model

    Senent Sánchez, José María 2015 Brief aperçu de l'éducation inclusive en Europe Journal of the Comenius Association 24 15 18
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