Making Archaeology Happen [Ressenya]

Making Archaeology Happen [Ressenya]

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Making Archaeology Happen [Ressenya]

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Vizcaíno Estevan, Antonio
Aquest document és un/a ressenya, creat/da en: 2012
This book is a consideration of archaeological fieldwork, the way in which it is practiced, its possibilities and how it could be improved. Through the critical analysis of the components that determine this primary research and the reality of its implementation, Carver defends an archaeological practice more responsible in a professional, social and economical level, able to give effective responses to the multiplicity of situations that archaeologists find when working. All this should be built through a procedure -design- that has to contribute with creative solutions, escaping from dogmas and searching for a stronger social engagement.

    Vizcaíno Estevan, Antonio 2012 Review: Making Archaeology Happen AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology 2 150 156
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