Impact of analytic provenance in genome analysis

Impact of analytic provenance in genome analysis

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Impact of analytic provenance in genome analysis

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Morrison, S.S.; Pyzh, R.; Jeon, M.S.; Amaro González, Carmen Perfil; Roig Molina, Francisco José; Baker-Austin, Craig; Oliver, James D.; Gibas, C.J.
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Many computational methods are available for assembly and annotation of newly sequenced microbial genomes. However, when new genomes are reported in the literature, there is frequently very little critical analysis of choices made during the sequence assembly and gene annotation stages. These choices have a direct impact on the biologically relevant products of a genomic analysis - for instance identification of common and differentiating regions among genomes in a comparison, or identification of enriched gene functional categories in a specific strain. Here, we examine the outcomes of different assembly and analysis steps in typical workflows in a comparison among strains of Vibrio vulnificus.

    Morrison, S.S. Pyzh, R. Jeon, M.S. Amaro González, Carmen Roig Molina, Francisco José Baker-Austin, Craig Oliver, James D. Gibas, C.J. 2014 Impact of analytic provenance in genome analysis Bmc Genomics 14 8 1 11
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