Neutrino unification

Neutrino unification

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Neutrino unification

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Chankowski, Piotr H.; Ioannisian, Ara; Pokorski, Stefan; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
Aquest document és un/a article, creat/da en: 2001
Present neutrino data are consistent with neutrino masses arising from a common seed at some 'neutrino unification' scale MX. Such a simple theoretical ansatz naturally leads to quasi-degenerate neutrinos that could lie in the electron-volt range with neutrino mass splittings induced by renormalization effects associated with supersymmetric thresholds. In such a scheme the leptonic analogue of the Cabibbo angle θ⊙ describing solar neutrino oscillations is nearly maximal. Its exact value is correlated with the smallness of θreactor. These features agree both with latest data on the solar neutrino spectra and with the reactor neutrino data. The two leading mass-eigenstate neutrinos present in \ne form a pseudo-Dirac neutrino, avoiding conflict with neutrinoless double beta decay.

    Chankowski, Piotr H. Ioannisian, Ara Pokorski, Stefan Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2001 Neutrino unification Physical Review Letters 86 16 3488 3491
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