Physics of massive neutrinos

Physics of massive neutrinos

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Physics of massive neutrinos

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I summarize the present status of global analyses of neutrino oscillations, including the most recent KamLAND and K2K data, as well as the latest solar and atmospheric neutrino fluxes. I give the allowed ranges of the three--flavour oscillation parameters from the current worlds' global neutrino data sample, their best fit values and discuss the small parameters DeltaM_solar/DeltaM_atm and sin^2 theta_13, which characterize the strength of CP violation in neutrino oscillations. I briefly discuss neutrinoless double beta decay and the LSND neutrino oscillation hint, as well as the robustness of the neutrino oscillation results in the presence of non-standard physics.

    Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2005 Physics of massive neutrinos Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 149 3 12

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