Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update

Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update

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Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update

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Schwetz, Thomas; Tórtola Baixauli, María Amparo Perfil; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We review the present status of three-flavour neutrino oscillations, taking into account the latest available neutrino oscillation data presented at the Neutrino 2008 Conference. This includes the data released this summer by the MINOS collaboration, the data of the neutral current counter phase of the SNO solar neutrino experiment, as well as the latest KamLAND and Borexino data. We give the updated determinations of the leading 'solar' and 'atmospheric' oscillation parameters. We find from global data that the mixing angle θ13 is consistent with zero within 0.9σ and we derive an upper bound of sin2θ13<0.035(0.056) at 90% CL (3σ).

    Schwetz, Thomas Tórtola Baixauli, María Amparo Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2008 Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update New Journal of Physics 10 113011

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